Monday, February 13, 2012

Mastery +50

So in WoW, mastery can be a totally awesome stat, or a really bad one, depending on what and how you play.  For example, an Arms warrior specializing in Player versus Player would def want to have a bunch of mastery on their gear.  That same warrior specializing in Player versus Environment (player versus computer basically) would not want any.  But IRL, mastery is always awesome.  I had an epiphany about it today...

You can manipulate all aspects of a training program to get the most out of it.  You can manipulate all aspects of life to get the most out of it!  So why do people coast along on perpetual plateaus?  Today at the gym I saw a group of, um young men? that I see there often--they're really more like fully grown teenagers, I shouldn't use the term "men."  Anyways, I had an epiphany about their lack of significant progress in the four years I've been training around them.  They are males in their 20s, with significantly higher testosterone levels than mine; they should be able to outgrow me easily.  So why such uninspired bods, dudes?  Because they aren't training any smarter than they were four years ago--they use extremely poor form, overtrain as a rule, have no intensity--they basically have no clue, same as when they first started.  I, on the other hand, am training on an entirely different level than I was when I first started, and I am constantly trying to increase my efficacy and knowledge.  Next year I'll look back and think I wasted time because my mastery then will be even higher than it is now.  Constantly improve people!  If you're not learning how to do something better, why bother?  Mastery is so much better than dabbling.  Wouldn't you rather do a few things well than a bunch of things half-assed?  I can only do a few things well.  I suck at ping pong, I suck at skiing and snowboarding, I don't play an instrument anymore, I don't hike or ride bikes, but this is what sucking at those things has gotten me:

Totally worth it :)

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