Monday, March 12, 2012

Blueprints: Summer 2012

Starting in mid April or early May I'm changing everything up!  Time to hit 170 and get peeled :)  Here's my plan:

Up the intensity:
Remember that post I did about doing one crazy thing in each workout?  Well, turns out that doing that one thing doesn't work very well with my twice a week training style LOL.  So in a few weeks (like seven or eight), I'm going to drop the second workout, go back to a stricter HIT approach, and add the crazy stuff.  Since I will be training each bodypart only once per week, I will be able to apply progressive resistance more effectively and increase my poundages more frequently as well (hopefully).

Up the calories:
In order to increase my intensity as described above, I'm going to have to increase my caloric intake too.  I'm pretty much on cruise control right now and because I've been making improvements, I am going to stick with my current intake for another 7-8 weeks in order to drop a little more bodyfat before I start trying to grow again.  When I do start "bulking," my first move will be adding a few grams of protein and maybe 5 grams of fat to each meal.  As I've said many times, fat is more conducive to growth and fat burning than carbohydrates.  In my personal experience, adding carbs in the off season almost always results in unwanted fat gain.  Personally, the growth associated with massive carb overdose is not worth the fat gain that comes with it--you end up losing a lot of that "bonus" mass when you are forced to diet away the "bonus" fat.

Start doing aerobics:
I know what you're thinking: Jazzercise in neon spandex leotards and scrunch socks--I wish!  Unfortunately I'll probably just be grinding out 20 minutes on the elliptical machine or 20 minutes of jogging after work--dressed normally :(  Because of the simultaneous increase in calories, I should be able to do cardio without negative growth effects.  On the contrary, evidence showing cardiovascular exercise to be a significant influence on skeletal muscle growth is certainly out there.  The cardio should also help keep me it tight while I "bulk."

Start looking at comps:
The future of female bodybuilding is in no way secure.  Unfortunately, because of the general public's perception of female muscularity, new categories have been repeatedly introduced in attempts to feminize and "tone down" bodybuilding and more recently, replace it.  Don't get me started on figure and bikini :/  At any rate, female bodybuilding might not exist anymore by the time I want to compete again--at least not at the smaller events.  My perfect plan was to compete at the Nevada State in Reno in early June and continue my prep for another 8 weeks and compete at the USA National competition in Las Vegas in late July.  The Nevada State did not offer female bodybuilding this year, so I may have to find another qualifier.  But the general plan is still to hit a national stage in 2013.

Benchmark pics coming soon!

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