Tuesday, March 06, 2012

No. 9 // Baby Got Back

Thanks to a runner friend of mine who posted a link on facebook, I recently read an article describing eight ways to get out of a funk (the post was running-related but it works for pretty much everything else too).  Motivation to train hard consistently usually isn't a problem, but I did find that I was more motivated to continue my blog and video projects after skimming the article in question.  Of course there were the usual "change your playlist," and "run with a friend" tips, but also a few more nuanced perspectives that could use some remembering from time to time, such as "it's ok not to run (or not do whatever it is you do)," "less is more," and that thing about not just setting small goals but also creating a more pervasive mindset that embodies something larger than any one achievement.  This one in particular struck home with me.  I often find myself making small, short-term goals or plans as a way to stay de-funkified--especially in the off-season--and this not only stresses me out, but it also causes me to become myopic and distracted from enjoying my life.  Constantly looking forward to something, or constantly thinking about some random goal can be a very easy way to lose out on a lot of precious moments.  Creating a goal that is larger than any one thing can help off-set this; it can also help you keep a healthy perspective on how far you've come when you are in it for the long haul and have a lot of hauling left to do.

IMO number nine on the list should have been: "Do one thing in every workout that a normal person would never do."  My training partner and I talked about this the other day and already I failed to do something spectacular yesterday.  Thursday I did bodyweight sissy squats for quads (srsly no one even tries these--they are the best so I'll post a vid tutorial on legs soon); the next day I did a drop set for both front and side delts all the way to zero (that's right, just flapping my arms with no db's); but yesterday I didn't do anything special for back.  I just went through the motions.  Going through the motions means I still trained hard, I still used progressive overload, high intensity, and a lot of techno, and I still had a great workout--but just because me wussing out still pwns everyone else's face doesn't mean I should stop stacking Sunder Armor.

So my new training theme will be to do one crazy thing every workout.  Something no one else would even consider.  Something not even the other meatheads would do.  Something me in a funk would never do.  If you train in a style like mine, where pushing past failure is the most important thing you do in a day, try this little trick to reassess your intensity level.

I might try to get a video series up with all the crazy things I try.  Until next time, enjoy this one of me training back like a boss:

Sony Vegas #winning

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