Monday, March 12, 2012

One of the dumbest things ever

This woman...

sharing her prize money with this woman.


And just FYI, the prizes for male bodybuilding are not split between the different categories: the male bodybuilding winner takes home the full $200K.


  1. They shouldn't be payed from the same prize pool. They aren't even participating in the same sport. Who all would raise hell if Phil, Branch, Jay, etc. had to share their prize money with some beach body guy with no back? It isn't fair. Big time women should get the same $ as big time men.

    1. Prize money allocations for women in the IFBB are basically a back-handed way of reaffirming the average douchebag's perception of female muscularity. No matter how your dick feels, your brain should still be able to differentiate between someone who's trained rly hard for YRS and someone who decided to "do a bikini contest," like, 5 minutes ago, like totally, you guys!