Thursday, May 03, 2012

Femme Muscle Apparel

So, for a couple years now I've been making all my own workout shirts.  Regular shirts fit me so terribly that I don't end up wearing them, "wicking" fabrics chafe like a bitch, and "real" t-backs are virtually non-existent for females ("racerbacks" are so high-cut these days that it's impossible to wear them if you're built).  Ultimately I gave up on the mainstream market and decided to get good at making that shit myself.  Being a little bit on the sassy side, and also having some experience with "screen printing," I thought the next logical conclusion would be to put cool stuff on the front too.  I use the term "screen printing" pretty loosely: I'm not using a screen or a machine of any kind.  More like a piece of paper, an Xacto knife and fabric paint.  I'm not sure if people know I make my own shirts; maybe you can tell they're homemade, maybe not.  Either way and long-story short, I've made some for friends and now I'm accepting orders from the general public as well!  Tell yo friends!  

eCrater was not my first choice as far as online marketplaces go, but Etsy charges per listing per month and not knowing what my order traffic was going to be like, it seemed prudent to go with the one that was free.  So for now, you can get FM schwag here.

Here are a few of my fave prints that I've done.

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