Sunday, September 23, 2012

Having a Great Off-Season

So I've been more or less in off-season mode for the past year, my last prep was for the 2011 Tahoe Show last August.  But for a lot of people, summer is contest mode every year, so as we start heading into another bulking cycle, let's go over a few thoughts for having the most successful off-season possible.  How do we define success?  Lean muscle growth with a lean starting point for the next prep.  Credit to John Meadows, aka mountaindog1 on, for formulating the four thoughts which were a basis for this post.  I've re-worded to improve flow and inserted my own comments where appropriate, as well as noting which comments are purely his.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

This N' That

This song is definitely about getting huge, just listen to the lyrics!

A custom print I did just the other day...

And my new chest training video!

I never get sick of that mix I keep using ;)

See how my shoulders are a bit uneven on crossovers though?  That's why filming yourself has more than just the obvious narcissistic uses.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Summer Ennui, Intensity Update and Fresh Motivation for Fall

Alright, so I haven't posted in about a month... I refuse to apologize though, because a blog is about self-expression and if you don't have anything to express, there's no reason to go through the motions.  Besides, YouTubing and blogging are both very time-consuming and summer is a busy time for me with full-time work and whatnot.  But fall is here and that means more time to edit videos, write posts, and re-dedicate myself to bodybuilding.

I am looking for suggestions for post topics though.  I feel like I've covered SO much: nutrition, pre-workout supplements, protein concerns, intensity, frequency, split organization.... What do you want to know that I haven't covered yet?  Comment below!

Next topic: I am changing my intensity and frequency (if you remember, they necessarily limit one another) to an even stricter HIT approach--this has been going on for a few weeks now.  I've dropped the second "light" workout, and I am using more "past failure" techniques such as drop-sets, partials, etcetera during my single heavy workout.  I've also changed my split slightly: I will now be training anterior and side deltoids with chest, and triceps and biceps together.  I am also training arms after back day, rather than before.  So now my split looks like this: Hamstrings, Chest and Shoulders, Quads, Off, Back, Arms, Off.  Days off are variable and I take them whenever, sometimes more often, sometimes less often.

And another thing:  My training partner and I both got sick a few weeks ago and I dropped another 5 pounds or so.  I am now a full 8 pounds lighter than I was on-stage at my last contest--depressing!  BUT, muscularity is an optical illusion as we all know, and getting back into the groove with a weakened body helped my re-assess my training techniques and ultimately helped me improve my form and isolation quite a bit on every body part as well.  And I'm more focused on a lean starting point for February anyways, since I plan to grow into my show quite a bit.

Lastly, there is a chest training video and some other random video clips in the works, so stay tuned!