Thursday, September 06, 2012

Summer Ennui, Intensity Update and Fresh Motivation for Fall

Alright, so I haven't posted in about a month... I refuse to apologize though, because a blog is about self-expression and if you don't have anything to express, there's no reason to go through the motions.  Besides, YouTubing and blogging are both very time-consuming and summer is a busy time for me with full-time work and whatnot.  But fall is here and that means more time to edit videos, write posts, and re-dedicate myself to bodybuilding.

I am looking for suggestions for post topics though.  I feel like I've covered SO much: nutrition, pre-workout supplements, protein concerns, intensity, frequency, split organization.... What do you want to know that I haven't covered yet?  Comment below!

Next topic: I am changing my intensity and frequency (if you remember, they necessarily limit one another) to an even stricter HIT approach--this has been going on for a few weeks now.  I've dropped the second "light" workout, and I am using more "past failure" techniques such as drop-sets, partials, etcetera during my single heavy workout.  I've also changed my split slightly: I will now be training anterior and side deltoids with chest, and triceps and biceps together.  I am also training arms after back day, rather than before.  So now my split looks like this: Hamstrings, Chest and Shoulders, Quads, Off, Back, Arms, Off.  Days off are variable and I take them whenever, sometimes more often, sometimes less often.

And another thing:  My training partner and I both got sick a few weeks ago and I dropped another 5 pounds or so.  I am now a full 8 pounds lighter than I was on-stage at my last contest--depressing!  BUT, muscularity is an optical illusion as we all know, and getting back into the groove with a weakened body helped my re-assess my training techniques and ultimately helped me improve my form and isolation quite a bit on every body part as well.  And I'm more focused on a lean starting point for February anyways, since I plan to grow into my show quite a bit.

Lastly, there is a chest training video and some other random video clips in the works, so stay tuned!

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