Friday, November 02, 2012

Back 2 Basics

For the last few weeks I've been trying something a little different with my training.  I've changed up my split a bit and I'm now using a five day rotation, where shoulders are trained with chest and biceps, hamstrings are trained with quadriceps, and triceps are trained with back.  This split also includes two full rest days, and the increased recovery between training sessions has really paid off.  This type of grouping in the split minimizes shoulder and elbow stress, as those bodyparts with overlapping stress zones have generally been grouped together, or on opposite ends of the rotation.  I'm also sort of going back to basics with this recent change, and really trying to perfect some of the more traditional compound movements that I've neglected in the past.  For example: decline bench, traditional squats, one-arm row, and even french press.  Time to dust off those old favorites!

For this particular workout I tried to keep it simple; I kept the volume relatively low, and tried to keep as much tension on the target muscle as possible!  I also used my usual stimulants: pre-workout caffeine and intra-workout (530)!  If you haven't downloaded this mix yet, you should!

In other news, I am considering competing at the Nevada State Championships in Reno this coming June (diet starting in late February), but in the Physique division.  Selling out, I know!  Also, admitting to myself that I might not be too big for that class did sting a little, I won't lie.  I'd much rather do bodybuilding and be too small, BUT the NV State is a nice convenient qualifier: local, small, and soon!

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