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femmeMUSCLE is a female bodybuilding blog where you can find lots of cool things related to both the femme and the muscle.  Tune in to FM for workouts, training tips, diet information, contest preps, pics and vids, product reviews, and whatever else I can imagine!  

T     H     E          M     U     S     C     L     E
I've been bodybuilding since 2008: I obsess about my eating, I obsess about my workouts, I obsess about my spandex shorts showing off my quads properly.  I use the gym as an excuse for really loud techno and pretty much anything else.  Find my workouts on YouTube and you'll see why!  I am currently prepping for the 2013 Nevada State Championships.

T     H     E          F     E     M     M     E
Writing a blog about just bodybuilding would be pretty boring for me after a while, so I'll throw some other stuff out there from time to time.  Got something you'd like to see?  Just ask!

D     I     S     C     L     A     I     M     E     R
Product reviews and training or diet recommendations are based on my personal experience with the product or technique in question.  All products are purchased by me for my own use and all reviews are honestly expressed opinion based on that use.  I make NO claim to be a biochemist, endocrinologist, nutritionist, or any other form of trained specialist.  I am merely a female bodybuilder who has picked up a few things along the way.  I am NOT responsible for injury and/or damages, bodily or otherwise, resulting from the use and/or misuse of the information contained in my posts.  Please always train smart and use a spotter.

C     O     N      T     A      C     T
I always welcome comments on my posts and comments are not moderated.  If your comment isn't publishing, try adjusting your browser's security settings to allow third party cookies.  Please note however,  that I will remove comments containing links.  Please send links in a private message or better yet, put the info you're trying to share into words--I put a lot of work into this site and it's not free adspace for you, sorry!  Emails with questions, suggestions, post topic requests, criticisms or anything else are always read and responded to at